Use case: Security

Application and service security is one the most important topics in todays connected world. Username and password based access is no longer considered secure when there are countless cases of password breaches via technical and social engineereing practices.

Two factor authentication is a large step forward ensuring higher level of security. It no longer relies on "what you know" , i.e. username and password you know, but requires to "have", i.e. a physical device, or a telehone number subscription.

Send out one time passwords (OTPs) vai SMS. We offer complete RESTful API to integrate with your existing infrastructure.

Operation internationally, and SMS is not always reliable or cost effective? Augment it will Voice call with automated text-to-speech (TTS) generated message. 

Take full control of the process by choosing your own carriers and routes. Optionally place all system on your own premises.


Plain username and password authentication is no more acceptable. Provide extra layer of security by use on two factor authentication by verifying person not only by what he/she knows, but also by what he/she has.
Use case highlights
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  • - One time passwords (OTP)
  • - Two factor authentication (2FA)
  • - Works with voice and SMS

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