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By: Aivis Olsteins

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Welcome to our new website

New web technologies which we use in our products, are also in our website now

It's been some time, since we have made significant changes to our website. Nowadays, along with the development of our software products, we have also decided to give a new look to our internet presence. During few last months we have done extensive research and evaluation of many popular and less popular platforms, and selected one which seems more appropriate for us. The result is what you see. It has new visual look, and has new internal workings.  

At the end final decision was to power entire web frontend by ReactJS, a Javascript library created by Facebook. It allows to build fast, responsive and user friendly user interfaces more easily and effectively as before. Besides that, ReactJS is also a choice for the interface of our new core products.

Currently only public area is transformed to this new look. The work is in progress to convert our documentation side, and also Clients area. for now Clients area can be accessed with existing links via site.  Also our free tools, like Rate table calculator will be converted, and we feel it will be more user friendly when rebuilt in ReactJS. 

Stay tuned!

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My name is Aivis Olsteins and I am owner of DataTechLabs. My experience in Telecoms started in early 1990's and I have worked in multiple technical positions in mobile, messaging and data networks. My expertise lies in telecom networks, database systems, distributed processing and large data analysis. These posts are my attempt to share my knowledge with everyone who might find it useful.

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