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Certification from Telmex

We are proud to announce certification from Mexican telco

During the third and fourth quarters of the last year we were busy working on making our DTL SAARA platform compliant to interconnect with Telmex, Mexico largest telecommunications operator. It resulted with successful certification, and our locally branded product called Longbow MX is now homologized by Telmex for interconnection with their infrastructure over SIP protocol.

Telmex, based in Mexico City is Mexico's largest fixed line telecommunications operator. Of all fixed lines in the country, more than 80% are served by Telmex, and in the capital city this number reaches 90%. That amounts to millions of lines connected and billions of minutes carried monthly. Telmex has also presence in other Latin American countries, like Argentina, Chile, Colombia and others. The company is more than 70 years old.

The certification focused on interoperability on the SIP protocol level. Telmex requires strict adherance to the way how specific details of SIP protocol is implemented to ensure it's customers receives flawless and quality service when calls are either originated or terminated outside its network. In particular, it is essential to address several points, like:

  • proper identity declaration- to ensure the caller identity matches with that it declares;
  • number portability - to make use of features of carrier selection;
  • availability - to comply with technical standards mandating processing of signals designed to indicate status of partner platform and status of particular calls.

The work was conducted in close coordination with our exclusive partner in Mexico, Telinkcom LLC. The changes we implemented were confirmed in various laboratory tests where our systems were interconnected with Telmex equipment, and two way testing procedure was conducted. It resulted with the success and issuance of compliance certificate.

Our product designed for Mexico market is branded as Longbow MX. Please visit a our documentation page dedicated to this product for additional technical details, as well as our local partner details.

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